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What’s Cooking? Hot Trends in Kitchen Cabinetry

Kitchen transformations have been booming recently, and according to the 2021 U.S. Houzz Kitchen Trends Study, the desire for more storage, including cabinetry, is one of the main drivers behind these kitchen upgrades. According to the survey, 94% of homeowners renovating their kitchens want to improve their cabinetry in some way, with the majority (63%) replacing their cabinets entirely and one out of three opting for a partial cabinet upgrade.

With cabinets playing such a key role in kitchen renovations, Kambium, a leading manufacturer of high-quality kitchen cabinetry solutions, is helping architects, builders, contractors and cabinet professionals stay current with the latest trends in kitchen cabinetry so they can bid their next project with more confidence and hopefully, success.

What’s Trending in Kitchen Cabinetry

Keep it Simple

Clean, simple lines are increasingly popular for cabinet door profiles, with less emphasis on raised panels. There’s also growing interest in frameless cabinets, most often in more contemporary designs, complemented by European-inspired slab doors to achieve a sleek, seamless look. Without the lip around the cabinet opening, frameless cabinets also offer more storage space and can easily accommodate open shelving.

Kitchen cabinetry trends - keep it simple

Out of Sight, Out of Mind

Under-counter applications for appliances are a popular way to remove clutter from countertops. Spec a custom opening in a lower cabinet or kitchen island to tuck away bulky microwaves. Also consider adding extra cabinet height for retractable, weight-bearing shelves that can accommodate space-hogging small appliances like toasters, crock pots and food processors. For an even more streamlined look, add integrated wood panels to hide dishwashers and fridges.

Slide Your Way Into Storage

Cabinets will always be the mainstay of kitchen storage, but kitchen drawers with built-in organization are increasingly popular. Extra deep drawers with peg systems and adjustable inserts for organizing everything from plates, bowls, pots and lids are easy solutions to help your homeowner stay organized. Custom pull-outs for spices are a great option to make use of tight or narrow openings next to the range and adding vertical tray dividers to roll outs makes it easy to access cookie sheets and bakeware.

==>Pro tip: upgrade to soft close drawers with easy-to-slide ball bearings for extra smooth drawer operation.

Kitchen cabinetry trends - kitchen storage

Warm it Up With Wood

While white kitchens will always be classic, wood tones are gaining in popularity with medium-tone walnut, maple and even oak making a comeback. Warmer wood species can be used as statement cabinetry and then mixed with painted wood cabinets elsewhere for contrast.

Bring In a Breath of Fresh Air

In line with the growing trend of home health and wellness, indoor air quality is also becoming a key consideration in kitchen renovations. Ventilation hoods help capture and exhaust unwanted cooking odors, steam and grease. Incorporate a custom-designed wood hood that integrates with the upper cabinets for a seamless look, or dress it up with corbels, onlays or plinth blocks to make more of an architectural statement. Add a removable panel for easy access and maintenance.

Kitchen cabinetry manufacturer Minnesota

Create a One-Stop Beverage Station

With homeowners desiring a dedicated spot for all their kitchen essentials, don’t overlook beverage bars in your cabinet bid. Consider adding built-ins with counter space to prepare drinks, an undercounter fridge to chill beverages and shelving to hold stemware. Other popular features include built-in wine racks, roll-out shelving with integrated power for coffee equipment and blenders, and tiered drawers with custom organizers for mugs, coffee pods and other must-have utensils.

Kambium – High-Quality Custom Cabinet Manufacturer Serving Minnesota and the Midwest

Are you an architect, builder, remodeler, cabinet shop or contractor looking to incorporate the latest kitchen cabinet trends in your next project bid? Partner with Kambium for a high-

quality, experienced kitchen cabinet manufacturing partner you can trust to deliver the results you expect. We offer expert kitchen cabinet design and production services to building and cabinet professionals in the Twin Cities, greater Minnesota and beyond.

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