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Tapping into the Home Wellness Design Trend: Closets & Cabinetry Edition

Home remodeling and interior design have been incredibly popular in recent years, and the pandemic has only helped supercharge this home improvement trend. From glam home offices to outdoor entertainment oases to at-home gyms, COVID-19 is re-shaping the way people use their homes.

One of the hottest trends gaining momentum as people spend more time at home is residential wellness design. Kambium, a premium manufacturer of wood components, custom closets and cabinetry in Minnesota, is seeing customers make design decisions with a renewed emphasis on how to feel your best at home. When it comes to our well-being, our houses and yes, even our closets, can play an important role in our physical, mental, and emotional health, whether it’s making it healthy cooking a snap in the kitchen or creating spaces that help us feel more relaxed and re-energized. Closet designers and other home improvement pros can gain a competitive edge by ensuring they are informed and well-versed to speak about this trend and how to incorporate it into their designs.

Here are just a few ideas on how to tap into the growing home wellness trend.

Connect with nature by using color, materials and patterns that are inspired by the environment. Bringing the outdoors in can add a sense of calm, helping to reduce stress levels. Try incorporating wood species into your cabinetry and using natural stone materials on countertops, backsplash, and tile for a more earth-inspired look.

custom closet wellness design Minnesota

Add pops of green by adding live plants on floating shelves, hanging an indoor herb garden on your wall or adding a dedicated mini fridge to grow your own micro greens. Custom cabinet designers can suggest adding a dedicated spice drawer to enjoy all those home-grown herbs throughout the year.

custom closet cabinetry wellness design Minnesota

Support healthy eating by adding custom cabinetry to fit all those odd-sized juicers, food processors, vegetable steamers and vacuum sealers that keep us eating those fruits and veggies. Use deep cabinet drawers and tall shelves in your pantry for a dedicated, easy-to-reach spot so you’re more likely to use these small appliances.

Create workstations that make healthy eating easier. In the kitchen, add dedicated spaces for prepping, cleaning and chopping along with a deep sink that has a motion-dedicated faucet to help minimize germs. You can even build in a custom compost bin for all those extra scraps.

Reduce visual clutter. De-clutter your workspaces in the closet, kitchen, office or garage to get rid of piles, excess paper and space-hogging items rarely used. Within your closet, consider closet accessories such as jewelry trays, pull-out tie racks, and folding stations that provide a dedicated home for everything you use on a regular basis. Keep items off of countertops when possible to help achieve a more open, spacious feeling in the room.

custom closet wellness design Minnesota

Incorporate light wherever you can. Adding natural light – particularly in the winter months – can do wonders. Go big by adding a wall of windows to maximize daylight or use small, but impactful touches such as installing lighting in custom cabinets and closets, can do a long way to make a space feel more light, bright and airy. For example, Tag Hardware offers an illuminated glass shelf, perfect for adding ambient light to a closet or office space.

Remember the senses. We all know the five senses can help set the mood. Try incorporating home automation tools to control things like lighting, sound and climate in your home to set the right mood. Come home to a climate-controlled house that’s set at just the right temperature, stream the perfect song with theatre-quality sound, move seamlessly from bedroom to closet with lights that turn off & on automatically, or cue room-darkening shades so you get a restful night’s sleep. When it comes to the senses, even details like noise-minimizing appliances and soft-close cabinetry can make all the difference.

Home Wellness Design & Beyond – Kambium is Helping Cabinet & Closet Design Professionals Succeed

Are you a custom cabinet, woodworking or closet designer looking for ideas to help incorporate wellness into your designs? Give Kambium a call today.

As a premier Midwest manufacturer of custom closets, cabinetry, furniture and laminated components, our goal of continuous improvement means we’re always looking for ways to better support our partners. Whether that means staying on top of the latest trends and offerings or making changes to our own processes to better serve our customers, at Kambium your goals are ours.

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