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State of the Closet: What’s Trending in Closet Design Fall 2021 Edition

Fall is in the air and that means it’s time for homeowners to make room in their closets for cozy sweaters, warm jackets, and we hate to say it – snow gear! As closet designers gear up to help clients re-imagine their closet spaces going into the fall and winter, Kambium Closets, a leading wholesale closet and component manufacturer, is sharing some of the latest trends to help maximize beauty, function and flexibility for all types of closet storage.

Go Luxe

We’re seeing hints of glam throughout interior home design and that’s extending to closets as well. The 2021 Houzz Emerging Home Design Trends shows a growing interest in luxury fabrics and materials including pops of gold, velvet accents, champagne colors and crystal lamps. This new ENGAGE collection from TAG Hardware is a nod to that luxe trend, offering a wide range of rich, fabric baskets and pull-outs including jewelry organizers, hampers and storage baskets. Closet designers can achieve a modern, streamlined look with the anodized aluminum frame balanced against the supple fabric.

Bigger, Bolder Hardware

Go big or go home! Modern aesthetics are gaining popularity in closet design with bold angles and contemporary features bringing a clean, polished look to closet spaces. For closet designers looking at ways to deliver on homeowners' requests for more modern design, consider TAG Hardware's new handle size in the ELITE Modern decorative hardware series. The new longer handle at 256mm (CTC) is available in all of TAG Hardware’s coordinated finishes, Chrome, Matte Aluminum, Matte Nickel, Oil Rubbed Bronze, Matte Gold, and Slate and ideal for instantaneous delivery of a more contemporary feel. Bonus: the longer handle sizes make it even easier to open cabinets and drawers. A win, win.

Re-Imagine Small Spaces

A 2021 Houzz & Home study found homeowners are willing to invest in smaller spaces, including home offices and closets. In fact, the median spending on closet upgrades saw a significant jump of 43 percent. Many homeowners are looking to transform their ordinary closets into a space that serves multiple functions, ranging from dressing rooms to work-from-home spaces to family storage hubs. Closets are being tricked up with floating shelves, built-in desks, chandeliers, elegant, paneled doors and even wallpaper to give it that polished, high-design look, while still offering everyday function.

Gear Up the Garage

Speaking of multi-purpose spaces, don’t overlook the garage! Far from just a place to park the car, closet pros can help transform garages into an oasis complete with Gladiator’s durable mini fridge to cool and store beverages for the big game. Make room for a prized big screen TV by incorporating heavy-duty overhead storage racks available in a variety of sizes, configurations and colors to fit all that space-hogging gear. Reclaim even more floor space by including built-in boot racks that keep footwear accessible, but out of the way. Whoever said you can’t entertain in the garage?

Light it Up!

Let the light shine! Answering the call to light up dark, dreary closet spaces is now easier than ever thanks to innovations in lighting such as Häfele’s flexible LED light strips. LED is ideal for closet spaces because it generates low heat, lasts much longer than incandescent bulbs and is compact enough to fit in a variety of spaces – recessed, background lighting, in-direct or whatever suits the needs of the room. The light color, intensity and location can all be customized for every application. Closet lighting is also gaining popularity among people looking to incorporate home wellness into home design.

Kambium - Your Trusted Closet Manufacturer Serving Minnesota and the Midwest

Closet storage is great, but well-designed closet storage is next level. It's not just about adding more shelves, more rods, more built-ins - it's about making sure that closets are designed with the RIGHT features and customized options built around the needs of the homeowner and the space. Professional closet design support is critical to stand out from the competition. It begins with finding a manufacturing partner that can provide highly customized solutions that cater to your clients' unique needs and challenges while working to keep you up-to-date on the latest trends opportunities.

Let Kambium Closets help your business take advantage of growing opportunities in closet design and home storage. Please contact us to learn how we can help give you a competitive edge on your next closet bid.

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