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Beyond Valet Rods: Standing Out with Closet Accessories

Looking for ways to separate your closet designs from the competition? In a situation where a homeowner has obtained multiple quotes, what will be the thing that makes yours the winning closet design?

At Kambium, we are committed to providing our closet partners with up-to-date information and access to options that help them better serve their customers. Today, we’re talking closet accessories, specifically accessories with desirable features that aren’t necessarily on everyone’s radar. So let’s dive in and talk about some great add-ons for your closet designs that will have customers saying, “I never thought of that!”

Closets With A Whole Lot More (Than Valet Rods)

Time-saving, convenient, and flexible? Closet accessories provide all three with solutions that are practical, innovative, and eye-catching. We are here to guide you through the latest options and trends available to you through Kambium. Here’s what you need to know.

Folding Station Here is the gift that keeps on giving! Customers will love having a clutter-free space that tucks neatly under a shelf. With a simple pull, closet folding stations like the one pictured below from Tag Hardware, give homeowners access to a convenient location to fold shirts, pants, and sweaters. But that’s not all. It’s also perfect for setting a phone, laptop, purse, and other frequently used items on.

Closet Accessories Folding Station Closet System Minnesota

‣Pro tip: Place the folding station next to or above the drawers where folded items will be stored.

Drawers Galore The best closet design is one created with your client’s wardrobe in mind. We carry several different drawer capabilities that allow for storing more than the usual sweaters and jeans. Specialty drawers and dividers like a divided deep drawer, lingerie drawer, or a jewelry drawer insert offer added customization that differentiates a closet design. Homeowners will appreciate these added features designed to protect their items and make them easier to find.

Closet Accessories  - Lingerie Drawer Insert Closet Accessories Folding Station Closet System Minnesota

‣Pro Tip: Tag Hardware offers a PDF of their product manual that nicely highlights many of their most desirable options. Print and have on hand at a design consultation or easily email to a customer.

Symphony Wall Organizer Space-saving and versatile, the Symphony Wall organizer is the perfect complement to any closet. It’s modern, easy to install, and fits virtually anywhere because of its low profile. A variety of hooks offer storage for shoes, ties, handbags, and every accessory imaginable. Your customers will love the versatility almost as much as the aesthetic design it brings to their closet.

Closet  Accessories Symphony Wall Organizer Closet Design Minnesota

‣Pro Tip: Download this overview of the Symphony Organizer to help homeowners visualize the choices available in terms of finish and size, the positioning of accessory hooks, and the setting up of an optimal layout.

Ironing at a Glance A fold-down ironing board is the ultimate space-saver. Adding both convenience and functionality, it’s perfect for when time is limited or when a light touch-up is needed. Several options such as metal legs that lock for stability, soft-assist pop-up, and swivel or rotating mechanisms allow mounting options for many different layouts.

Closet Accessories -Fold Out Ironing Board - Closet Design Minnesota

Pro Tip: Talk to us for ideas on how to incorporate a fold-down ironing board into your design in ways that ensure its undetectable when not in use.

Make it a Showcase Have a homeowner interested in a showcase closet? Consider incorporating illuminated glass shelves to display and highlight favorite items and collectibles or a matte gold finish for closet accessories to add warmth and subtle elegance.

Closet Accessories - Illuminated Glass Shelves - Closet Design Minnesota

‣Pro Tip: Check out this video showing how to install the illuminated glass shelves.

A Minnesota Closet Partner You Can Trust

At Kambium, we’ve been helping closet companies throughout Minnesota, Wisconsin & Iowa provide organizational systems to their clients since 1998. Our design team has the technical expertise and capabilities to help you create storage solutions that meet your needs and create demand for your business. Our streamlined process allows us to provide the highest quality closet systems, on time, and to your exact specifications. We bring the latest technologies and dedication to craftsmanship to each and every project. In short, we’re here to help make your job easier.

Interested in partnering with us? Contact us today. From high-tech features and design expertise to on-time fabrication, let us be the go-to-resource for your closet and garage organization systems.

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