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Rehau RAUVISIO - Custom Cabinetry Finishes That Elevate

Updated: Nov 20, 2020

Now more than ever, customers are looking for opportunities to infuse their spaces with details that uniquely reflect their taste and style. And we’re not just talking kitchen cabinets. From closets to bathrooms to basements, bedrooms and even retail displays, cabinetry has made a decisive move from the background to the foreground. Coming to the table more informed than ever about the potential of their spaces and asking for cabinetry beyond what we’ve seen traditionally, your customers and clients are increasingly seeking distinctive cabinetry designs. Our team at Kambium has found an answer to this demand by offering Rehau’s RAUVISIO line of architectural millwork. In fact, these complementing collections take cabinetry to a whole other level. From sleek and contemporary to traditional and rustic, we’re excited to offer the Rehau RAUVISIO line to our partners. Read on to learn more about each collection.

Rehau RAUVISIO Solutions

Every few years, the design world sees a trend shift in finishes, and right now, it’s matte black! Clients will lose themselves in the timeless elegance of Rehau’s RAUVISIO Noir. The monotonic, matte surface not only withstands scratches, fingerprints, and impact, it’s rich color elevates any room and we can envision it being used anywhere, from kitchens to bathrooms, mudrooms, closets and more. Below is a in progress photo of a recent home office project by one of our partners using the RAUVISIO Noir finish in dark grey.

Rehau’s RAUVISIO Terra textured HPL surface has a buttery softness that transports you outdoors. Its textured HPL surface makes it a real show-stopper. With its deep textured wood grain, if offers durability and a sensory experience in both touch and vision. In a closet, this finish is ideal for creating a calming environment, perfect for beginning and ending the day. They also offer a wave-like finish, RAUVISIO Wave, that can be used to make any piece of millwork a highlight, especially as a cabinet or retail accent.

Nothing adds depth and high-gloss like Rehau’s RAUVISIO brilliant, a mirror-like acrylic surface. Perfect for more contemporary and modern designs, it offers a cleaner look, adding a pop of shine and an intense, vibrant color because it has a color-matched PMMA top layer. Working with this finish offers significantly lower production costs than painted materials and provides 20+ years of UV resistance.

Rehau’s RAUVISIO Crystal offers the sleek look of glass and stone, but is lighter and more durable. Whether used for bathroom cabinetry, a home office, or elsewhere, homeowners appreciate this surface because of its reduced sensitivity to scratching and impact. They’ll also love how easy it is to clean, its durability, and that you can write with whiteboard markers on the high-gloss finish and chalk on the matte finish.

Minnesota & Midwest Custom Cabinetry Options That Exceed Expectations

To meet a variety of needs and design styles, Kambium offers a broad range of finishes—from classic shades to distinctive textures like those from Rehau — for superior flexibility. This in turn provides our Kambium partners a competitive edge - allowing them to tailor their designs, offering greater customization for a kitchen, office, closet, retail application, and more.

Contact Kambium today to start a conversation and explore how we can help take your cabinetry offering to the next level. We bring the latest technologies and dedication to craftsmanship with each and every project. From high-tech features and design expertise to on-time fabrication, let us be your got-to-resource for your closet, kitchen and garage organization systems.


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