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Design Dilemma Solved: Designing a Custom Closet Around Floor Vents

Closet design requires creativity, innovation, and thinking outside-the-box, and that is with new construction! Imagine how much more important these qualities are when designing a custom closet in an existing home? A recurring and easily overlooked dilemma is fitting the existing floor venting into a closet design. At Kambium, we have solutions for working around floor vents thanks to our commitment to solving design problems and creating innovative products that fix them. We are more than a closet manufacturer. We are a true partner for closet design partners. Here are three solutions to help remodelers, builders, and closet designers navigate the tricky design dilemma of floor vents.

Vent Solution #1:

It's a common bump in the road where your closet cabinetry interferes with the floor ventilation supply, and you don't want to re-route a bunch of ductwork. One solution is to design your closet layout to allow for a long horizontal vent on the toe kick. This allows for plenty of ventilation and blends seamlessly, as seen below. By having the drawers above, the vents are less visible. There is one thing to note with this solution. In cases where the toe kick's length is longer, carpet pushing against the vent can cause it to bow. In this scenario, we recommend breaking up the venting boring on the toe kick or to install support to the vent from behind.

Vent Solution #2:

Big or small, closets need proper ventilation, and sometimes the solution above may not be ideal. Another option in these cases is routing a cutout and inserting a standard floor vent cover. This straightforward solution provides the homeowner with much-needed heating and cooling and offers the ease and budget-friendly solution of a standard vent cover.

Vent Solution #3:

If your design, budget, room specifications, or all of the above are limited, a third option is to leave the toe kick open with some strategically placed shelving that results in open space at floor level. This solution allows for airflow to occur and has the bonus of not requiring any custom routing. However, it isn't always an option based on the closet layout.

A Closet Manufacturing Partner You Can Trust

At Kambium, we've been helping closet companies provide organizational systems to their clients since 1998. Our design team has the technical expertise and capabilities to help you create storage solutions that meet your client's needs and create demand for your business. With a streamlined process that allows us to provide the highest quality closet systems, deliver projects on time, and match your exact specifications, we bring the latest technologies, troubleshooting strategies, and dedication to craftsmanship to each and every project. In short, we're here to help make your job easier. Interested in partnering with us? Contact us today.

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