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The Benefits of Outsourcing Kitchen Cabinetry Production & Assembly

Remodeling is booming, and there’s no sign of a slow-down in sight, particularly when it comes to kitchen renovations. Cabinet and millwork shops – already swamped with orders and trying to keep pace with a surge in remodeling activity last summer and fall – are increasingly looking for ways to make their businesses nimbler and more efficient without compromising quality or their hard-earned reputations.

Add Capacity Efficiently

Are you a cabinet shop or millwork manufacturer currently operating at max capacity? Now is the ideal time to consider outsourcing your cabinetry components to a contract manufacturer such as Minnesota-based Kambium. Why? It allows shops like yours to expand capacity and capitalize on the upswing in demand without investing in additional labor, equipment, or inventory.

Outsourcing allows you to continue to focus on the areas where you excel and on the projects that yield the best margins while outsourcing some of the more time and labor-consuming components that compromise your ability to keep up with orders, bid on bigger projects, and drive growth.

Keep Pace AND Drive Growth

Partnering with Kambium to outsource kitchen cabinetry components manufacturing or assembly doesn’t have to be an all-or-nothing proposition. Kambium offers a-la-carte models that allow our partner cabinet shops to pick and choose what to outsource, whether it’s machining parts, assembling cabinets, or assisting with larger production runs. Outsourcing cabinetry also allows our partner shops to flex as needed with sales volume, ramping up or scaling back to accommodate large orders, seasonal variability, or fluctuating production needs.

One of the biggest benefits Kambium’s customers realize when they outsource with us is more time. Outsourcing frees up time for more marketing, sales calls, and project bids so shops can take advantage of growth opportunities by avoiding getting bogged down in the work that causes them to miss out on potential future jobs.

Kambium - A Partner in Building the Success of Your Kitchen Cabinetry Shop

Got tight deadlines? Stringent specifications? Custom needs? Kambium has you covered.

We tie our success to yours and are committed to high-quality cabinetry manufacturing, assembly, and production backed by superior customer service. When our clients grow, we grow, meaning our number one goal is to help our customers achieve their goals.

If you have questions about how manufacturing can help grow your cabinet or millwork business, please contact us. Kambium has a more than two-decade track record of building long-term partnerships to help our clients optimize their contract manufacturing needs.


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