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Kambium Snapshots: Acrylic Machining For Refrigerated Display Case Dividers

What Is Acrylic?

Acrylic is one of the most common and versatile plastic materials. The frequently used brand name, Plexiglass®, gives some idea of its form and function – sheets of transparent, glass-like plastic.

Like glass, acrylic has high clarity and light transmission however, it is lighter and less prone to breaking. In fact, acrylic was first discovered by German researchers attempting to create an unbreakable glass.

So, why use acrylic components? Acrylic is durable, versatile, and economical to produce, making it a well-suited solution for a multitude of applications. Most recently, you’ve seen acrylic put to use as sneeze guards by retailers and offices needing to keep their employees safe in light of COVID-19. This particular application perfectly highlights the benefits of using acrylic. When the need to quickly install dividers to fit already designed registers, check-out lanes and reception desks arose, acrylic was the ideal solution allowing for easy customization, quick turn-around, long-lasting quality, and affordable production costs.

Kambium in Motion: Plastic Fabrication for Refrigerated Display Case Dividers

At Kambium, we provide outsourced manufacturing of acrylic components with the capability to handle a multitude of acrylic machining projects.

We currently provide outsourced machining of acrylic category dividers and display case fences for refrigerated and frozen display cases used in the retail and restaurant industries. These dividers are used to separate different types of food products and keep products organized. In partnership with our customers, we work to ensure timely delivery of a product that meets their quantity, quality, and precision needs.

Other recent plastic fabrication projects we’ve completed include the sneeze guard dividers we mentioned above used by retailers and offices in response to COVID-19. For this project, in particular, we are proud of our role in keeping people safe.

Why Outsource Your Acrylic Machining?

Even if you have the capacity to machine other materials – wood, metals, etc. – adding acrylic to your production capabilities can take a significant investment of money and time. Or, as in the case of our manufacturing of display case dividers and fences, acrylic components may be a small part of your manufactured product.

Outsourcing for acrylic machining is a top way to add capacity and capabilities to your products and/or services without adding the considerable cost and time it takes to develop the ability to manufacture those acrylic components yourself.

On the other hand, it could be that you already manufacture acrylic products, but you are looking to simplify your manufacturing process. In these cases, the ability to focus on your core competencies while outsourcing smaller or more customized components can streamline your process, decrease production times, and increase profit margins.

Grow Your Business with Kambium

Some of the acrylic machining services we provide include:

CAD Cam CNC Routing

High Volume Acrylic Production Runs

Precision Cutting

Precision Hole Drilling

Manufacturing & Assembly

Reverse Engineering of Existing Parts and Products

Cut-to-Order Acrylic Sheets

At Kambium, your goals are our goals, meaning that we work with our partners to devise and implement solutions and processes that best benefit them and their bottom line. From our commitment to adopting the latest technologies and more efficient processes to our focus on building long-term relationships with both our clients and our employees, we like to think of ourselves as disruptors in an industry where many are content to do things as they've always been done.

Partner with Kambium and see for yourself how easy doing business can be. Contact us today about a quote for your project.

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