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Do’s and Don’ts of Designing Garage Storage & Cabinets

Garages have become a workhorse in today’s homes and space for the overwhelming assortment of sporting goods, bikes, lawn equipment, garden tools and kids’ toys is at an all-time premium. Whether homeowners are using a third garage bay, built-in shelving or a “cram-it-all-in” approach, the key to de-cluttering those beloved belongings lies in smart, well-designed storage solutions. Luckily, Kambium, a premier wholesale closet and garage storage manufacturing supplier based in the Twin Cities, has space-saving tips and tricks you should consider when designing garage storage and cabinets.

Do Identify the Pain Points

How is the garage space currently being used and what are the trouble spots? Is it bikes, tools, toys, sporting goods or gardening and lawn essentials? How are these items used and which of them are used most frequently versus seasonally or intermittently? What needs to stay on the floor for easy access and what can go overhead or be tucked away in upper cabinetry or shelving? Create your overall design with these factors in mind.

Don’t Overlook Space-Saving Opportunities

Put your garage to work for you – don’t work for your garage. Every nook and cranny, including corners, finished and unfinished walls, and ceilings can present great opportunities for storage. If you start by looking for an out-of-the-box storage piece that you can wedge into your existing space, you’ll lose out on valuable storage. Instead, bring in an experienced closet and cabinet designer to take stock of all the available space and build a storage solution from there.

Do Consider Customized Solutions

Customized cabinetry and garage storage solutions offer the most flexibility and can be built around the homeowner’s lifestyle. A garage designed for an avid biker will look different than one designed for a garden enthusiast – or maybe it’s a his and hers hybrid of the two. Customization also means storage is built to the specifications of the space, allowing for clever, space-saving designs like corner cabinets, overhead storage, shallow-depth options, wall-to-wall cabinetry along a free-standing wall and customized drawers, bins and lockers built for their specific contents. The height of the homeowner can even be factored into the type and location of storage so everything is within easy reach.

Don’t Forget Durability

Protect your investment in garage storage by looking for durable, professional-grade materials and finishes that can withstand harsh temperatures, humidity, moisture and daily use. Be sure to weigh the pros and cons of wood versus steel, the need for any protective coatings and damage resistant properties of countertop materials, along with the overall aesthetics of the design to ensure it complements the home. Locking mechanisms can also be added to help secure valuable items.

Do Work with Professional

Do-it-yourself solutions are tempting, but they’re often only a short-term fix. You can also run into costly mistakes, such as using overhead storage that interferes with the operation of your garage door, or worse yet, scrapes the roof of your car. Ouch! A closet and cabinet designer can help you create long-term solution that leaves clutter in the dust. Gone are the days of tipped-over bikes, overflowing bins of sand toys, knotted Christmas lights and garden hoses, and multiple sets of tools because you could never find what you needed. Professionals offer smart solutions for maximizing your garage space, along with options you may not have even thought of such as focused lighting, hideaways for garbage and recycling cans and even a place to charge your power tools or devices.

Kambium - Your Minnesota Resource for Garage Storage and Garage Cabinets

Ready to make this the year that you cut out the clutter and drive organization into your garage? Kambium partners with some of the industry’s leading closet and cabinet designers to deliver premium storage solutions that will give anyone garage envy. Get started today by contacting us for a free consultation.


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