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National Safety Month: Why We’re Celebrating and What it Means to Kambium

June is National Safety Month, marking an important opportunity to step back and recognize all of our efforts to maintain a safe work environment at Kambium and challenge ourselves to find ways to improve even further.

We take safety very seriously at Kambium. In fact, the safety and well-being of our employees is embedded in everything that we do. Not only does our safety-minded focus make our company a great place to work, it gives our customers the confidence that our commitment to excellence starts with the people who are making our products. When our employees feel safe at work, they’re able to focus on designing and building superior wood components that have helped to earn Kambium a reputation for being one of the best in the business.

Here are just some of the safety features that are built into our everyday work environment at Kambium.

Reducing Injuries

We use pallet jacks to help transport bulky objects. With just the touch of a button, large sheets of lumber can be moved horizontally or vertically both quickly and efficiently, requiring virtually no physical exertion. This helps minimize the risk of injury to our employees.

Taking a Load Off

A single operator can use our ergonomic vacuum lifters to handle heavy workpieces effortlessly without the risk of damage while protecting their health. The vacuum reservoir and audible warning device provide excellent work safety and enhance process reliability. A win, win!

Rolling Right Along

Small but mighty, this roller stand allows one person to handle long pieces of material and undertake jobs that would otherwise require two people. It also provides a freely rolling surface for workpieces to pass over, making sawing, planing, and other work more manageable and less physically intensive.

Finding the Right Angle

Kambium employees use adjustable tables that offer just the right height and angle for productive days. This flexibility allows the employee to design the work surface they need to enhance ergonomics.

Going Full Circle with Safety

Our commitment to safety also extends to the tradespeople who are installing our products. That’s why we pre-dowel and machine cabinet parts in our facility to reduce the need for bending and physical exertion at the job site during installation.

From the lifters that save backs to the dust collectors that enhance indoor air quality, Kambium works hard to keep our employees safe. We think it’s important to shine a spotlight on these safety features because cabinet and woodworking shops are sometimes associated with hard labor and heavy lifting. In reality, our facility at Kambium uses state-of-the-art technology, programming and machines to help minimize the physical demands of the job.


One of the most important ways we maintain a stringent focus on safety is our people. It’s our employees’ great minds, talents and superb attention to detail that truly set us apart when it comes to safety and product excellence. Almost anyone can have machines that cut wood to precision, but having the right people to make the cut, and then inspect, tweak and hand touch the finished piece is what leads to the superior quality that earns Kambium its stellar reputation. Our people can stay focused on making the best wood components

because they know Kambium is looking out for them when it comes to workplace safety.

Interested in contracting with a manufacturer that prioritizes safety and quality? Contact us today to learn more.

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