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Manufacturing Equipment

At Kambium, our commitment to continuous improvement means we're always looking for opportunities to do things better, from process changes to equipment upgrades.  In fact, when it comes to millwork, store fixtures, closet systems, casework, and more, we're investing in the latest technology to ensure better precision and quicker turn-around for our customers.  Below is a list of just some of our current equipment and their capabilities.  Check back often as we are continually making improvements.

Complete Equipment List

Looking for a specific capability? Here is a complete list of our equipment.

  • Homag Stiles Nest 5x12 - Vantage BHP 200

  • Homag Stiles Nest 5x12 - Vantech BHP 008

  • Weeke Optimat Vertical P2P - BHX 055

  • Weeke Optimat Vertical P2P -BHC 350 2S

  • Homag Stiles Sawteq 400

  • Homag Optimat Tape Rocket

  • Brandt Highflex 1440

  • Ligmatech Optiflex Return - Brandt

  • Homag Stiles Brand Contour

  • Pillar Machine CNC Dowel Inserter

  • Accu-System Dowel Inserter

  • Cambell H Fluid Pump

  • Evans Pinch Roller

  • Altendor 13' Sliding Saw

  • Gravity Feed Bandsaw for Metal

  • Hitachi 10" Chop Saw

  • Dewalt 10" Miter Saw

  • Ritter Edge Sander

  • Gannomat Dowel Inserter

  • Gannomat Express Inserter

  • Delta Drill Press

  • Grizzly Ed Borer

  • Blum HInge Machine

  • Safety Speed SPM301HD

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